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During an internship, I had the honour of joining the biotechnology start-up Streamline Genomics as their UI/UX Designer. At the time, the company had no brand guidelines or style in place. In only four months, I designed their logo, website, automatically generated reports and created a brand guidebook for the future.

Here’s how it happened:

Logo Design

I was first tasked to design a logo that represented their brand values and differentiators. Using the key terms of “simple”, “minimalistic” and, of course, “streamlined”, I began to sketch and design the first round of logos. I took my three personal favourites and finalized the designs within Adobe Illustrator.

The selected blue represents trust, freedom, and ease which are all words that Streamline Genomics aims to be associated with. The orange was used a complimentary colour, but also represents warmth and approachability.

Websight Design Before
Website Design After

Website Design

Throughout the design process, each decision was made to reflect the minimalistic and ease of use that Streamline Genomics offers with their product.

The background throughout the website is made up of a honeycomb pattern over a simple white background. The motif throughout the website is to represent the organic nature that is found within biology along with the simplicity that is so important to the company. 

The website can be seen here.

Icon Design

Throughout the website, I illustrated icons using the brand colours to further emphasize the friendliness and ease of use that is key to Streamline Genomic's brand.

Icon Design
Data Visualization

Data Visualization Reports

Computer generated reports are the most important part of the service that Streamline Genomics provides to its users. The complicated data identifying mutated and therefore potentially cancerous genes needed to be displayed in a way that was easy to digest and understand. I designed various charts, diagrams and tables while my team tested with local doctors to determine the most effective ways to communicate the data clearly.

Brand Guidelines

After having carefully crafted a brand identity for Streamline Genomics, it was critical to outline guidelines to allow the company to maintain their brand consistently long past my time with them. It includes the brand's mission statement, logo usage guidelines, brand colours, typography usage, and icon design instructions.

branding guidelines 1
branding guidelines 2
branding guidelines 3

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